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here is how far we travel

we are a local window cleaner in Toowoomba, providing a TerryFic quality window cleaning service with Terryfic value.

we also love to travel throughout the local region but to deliver this value, we have a minimum cost to our service.

in the orange zone above we can deliver a minimum cost of $60 and can arrange a no-cost quote

in the purple zone, we can deliver a minimum cost of $150

some of the inner towns and suburbs we visit

he towns an suburbs listed here we offer no cost Quotes and a minimum of $60

we also offer regular retail window cleaning


historical Newtown

historically one of the most desirable towns in Queensland, located just 2kms from the CBD of the neighboring city of Toowoomba.

newtown is the home of Newtown park and the region's 2nd biggest shopping center!!!

other towns we love to visit

Crows nest

crows nest

our northern limit, a beautiful town featuring the village square

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