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solar & window cleaning  

cleaning your solar system since 2010 - 
perfecting the art of window cleaning since 2008-
terryfic service, terryfic value 


water efficient technology

We have embraced modern window cleaning technology to deliver a better clean with upto 60% less water consumption. 

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Why a1 Terryfic solar and window ?

We have been perfecting the art of window cleaning for Over a Decade, and brought solar panel cleaning to Toowoomba.

cost effective efficiency

We are pioneers of solar panel cleaning

Solutions for cleaning the most challenging windows 

  • home of the au$5 solar panel
    home of the au$5 panel
  • lowering our emmisions
  • dont forget your cafe blinds
  • the weather wont clean your panels
  • dont forget your signs
  • we trust and use wagtail tools
  • we are water efficient
home of the au$5 solar panel
home of the au$5 panel
we always take our shoes off on entry to your house
A1 Terryfic solar and window cleaning believe your home is important by:-
  • We take off our shoes when entering your home
  • We ask permission when entering parts of your home
  • On each new window cleaning location we use freshly laundered  towels.
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A1 terryfic solar and window cleaning are the real deal!!!
  • No fine print
  • No contracts
  • Before a window is touched you have the final price quoted
  • fully insured, for us, you and your property

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window cleaning, Toowoomba, QLD

perfecting the art of window cleaning @ your home, windows and café blind cleaning

restore the output of your solar panels

cleaning your solar system since 2010

solar cleaning, Toowoomba QLD

to windy or cold to sit outside?
clean your café blinds and enjoy the outdoors
café blind cleaning, Toowoomba QLD
with latest technology we can affordably and safely clean your windows up to 4 storeys