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Outside of smartglass window cleaning

smart glass

AKA Low-E, e-tech, Energy Tech, Comfort Plus, sunglass or Comfort Hush

In this modern era, to get the freedom of design in houses that feature big massive glass paneling and still meet EPA energy ratings, architects and builders and owners have incorporated the use of low energy glass. some brands include

smart-glass, sun-glass, Low-E, e-tech, Energy Tech, Comfort Plus or Comfort Hush

the difficulty in cleaning this glass and a lack of development for cleaning procedures from the manufactures have made cleaning these often oversized panels have given these windows a bad reputation among owners and cleaning technitians.

what we do on smart glass

donts on smart glass

here are many DIY and amateur window cleaning procedures use on "smart glass" that either get sub-standard results or can damage your glass, including:-

ammonia-based solutions

dry squeegees

steel wool and blades

The best tools for smart glass

wet squeegee

we were an early adopter of the wagtail E-squeegee, which is one of the first and possibly the only wet-squeegees developed this squeegee has a plastic channel, which helps protect the glass.

The secret to this squeegee is it being a wet squeegee that keeps a wet surface on the rubbers at all times.

correct chemical

the secret to good window cleaning is good lubrication.

this is even more important with smart glass, but you should only use a mild detergent like fairy  

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