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In emergency please contact our partner service

acacia general cleaning

peter from acacia general cleaning will help you with contacting next of kin in most emergency services on

phone: 0417 009 835

calls to the above phone number available for complimenting services- house washing , and emergency contact

acacia general cleaning are an independent business from a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning

first aid videos for situations we face


snake bites

break sprain and dislocation


chemical in eye

disclaimer for these videos

  • We have found these videos to help remind us what we can do to help.
  • Nothing can replace formal training
  • we take no responsibility for the content of these videos that are sourced from youtube
  • videos are for reminder purposes

some of these videos have bee sourced from overseas

from a fixed line call 000

from a mobile telephone call 112

Call 000
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