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MSDS and insurance 

What's normally in the van.

we sometimes use other products at the request of the customer

Aqua- grease for greasy windows




a commercial degreaser, handy on kitchen windows

(please note it is similar product as supplier no longer available)

Metho for sticky windows

methylated spirits

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Chlorine for mouldy windows




we like to use this product at 10:1 to be able to remove things like mold and lichen

Disinfectant for commercial cleaning

powerforce disinfectant



commonly used disinfectant for commercial cleaning

Fairys a favourite for window cleaners


a favorite among professional window cleaners, our preferred product in our bucket 

Resin to get pure water for window cleaning

di resin

used to make the wash and rinse water crystal clear, perfectly safe even for tank water

Stain remover to get back that shine to your windows

hard water stain remover

remove those hard water stains common in the toowoomba region

Cement off for that industrial clean


clear the remains off cement off your windows

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