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Call us unless your a telemarketer
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If your a telemarketer please read this!!!

We are a small operator and every minute can make a difference to us. It can mean we get the job finished, or can effect the time we get to go home to our families, and can also mean we miss a loyal customer

We are currently locked in to good telecommunication contracts and you found our website and are looking at it, and we are quite proud of it, so sales in this department are not really required

We have rules for free quotes so as to reduced wasted time, we now have added a cost to be sold to!!

While the first 60 seconds are free, we will give you the next 60 minutes for the low price of $100

we reserve the right to decline any sales offer


we ask all who call us to respect our requests as we know our business requirements.

If we feel we are being intimidated or annoyed by telemarketers that don't respect our requests, you may expect us in turn wasting back on to you, by techniques such as abandoning and ignoring the telephone call, so we ask you don't waste your time on us, by wasting our time.

If we want the best SEO we will look for you through both bing and google, and if you are the best at SEO we will find you there at number1

Cash to chat

if your message is so important

if you donate $100 to our preferred charity we will talk to you for up to an hour

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