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consider the following quote

I was visiting Melbourne in august 2019 while drinking their coffee in their coffee houses , i looked around and was repulsed at the state of the windows, i immediately wished i was in Toowoomba so i could visit the shops i regularly visit

toowoomba tourist visiting melbourne


what does your customers see???-

the first thing your customers see is your doors and windows.,

It can mean is they are impressed or disgusted by the presentation of your store.

We are terryfic at looking after your shop windows


Is it value?? 

We can look after all commercial. Window cleaning

some shop owners will try to save a couple of dollars by getting staff to grab the Windex and dirty towels to wipe the glass in their shop.

the result?

  • smearing the greasy marks across the windows resulting in dirtier windows
  • time, we at a1 terryfic have professional equipment and training and can get the job done at a fraction of the time, letting your staff spend their time making you money


what you need to know

  • fit in with our route _ get the best price
  • we use the wagtail brand, the Australian made and designed professional window cleaning brand, delivering quality in the most time-efficient manner
  • attention to detail is always paramount at a1 terryfic
A1 terryfic will get your shop windows clean
find out more about our commercial cleaning services

multi-story windows

we are utilizing the latest technology to effectively reach up to 4 story's

sign cleaning

get your signs cleaned

cafe blinds

enjoy the great outdoors with clean cafe blinds

smart glass

only a1 Terryfic solar and window cleaning have the Australian-made professional wagtail squeegee designed to clean smart glass/Low-E glass prevalent in many shops and houses in our region.


we recommend the wagtail hygenie for flat surface cleaning and disinfecting including tables.

call us so we can demonstrate the most effective way of disinfecting your tables

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