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history of window cleaning

A classic window cleaning squeegee


crude squeegees are made

1936 Ettore Steccone

Ettore steccone an Italian American invents a newer simpler squeegee that becomes the staple of window cleaning for most of the rest of the 20th century

1990's waterfed era begins

the nineties brought about a revolution in window cleaning,

out side windows upto about 4 storeys could now be cleaned without the risk of using ladders or scaffolding , by washing and rinsing

We proudly use waterfed wash and rinse technology in our window cleaning
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A1 terryfic solar and window cleaning love the wagtail systems

1998 wagtail pivoting squeegee

in 1998 the Australian wagtail starts with a revolutionary new squeegee, which has benefits for the operator which in turn enables him to deliver a better clean quicker, and also protects his body to let him return for many years to come .

February 2008

toowoomba got the first glimpse of our services as we started working alongside acacia general cleaning.

9th November 2011

we had incorporated solar cleaning into our services and returned to the terryfic name

A1 terrific solar and window cleaning
 we use wash and rinse technology in our window cleaning

18th july 2016 wagtail wave

we at a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning were able to witness the lanch of the single biggest upgrade to the waterfed window cleaning industry with the wagtail wave.

the wave moved from the accepted brush towards the microfiber washer, but the biggest advance with the wave was the overhead rinsebar, which not only cleaned windows better and faster and more acurate but with less water

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