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how it affects our service

We have plans for weather contingency

wet weather window cleaning

some times this involves getting the inside windows done on the scheduled day.

on some occasions we be able to look after the out side with the water-fed system,

but on other occasions we may need to return a few days later.

rain guarantee

We at a1 terryfic are that confident that your windows will remain clean in the presence of rain that we guarantee to return to detail your windows if your windows become dirty as a result from rain.

rain often effects dirty windows where you may be able to see where the rain can be seen by being cleaner than the dirty window.

the most common effect rain can have on windows is where there is a vertical wall above the window, its this dirty water that can cause marks and runs.

summer solar

for solar cleaning in the summer we may defer some solar jobs due to the health and safety of our operators due to the heat.

in this season we only solar clean at either end of the day.

with solar most people get this work done 6 monthly or annually and we would like to get the routine so we can look after our health and safety first so we can then look after your needs into the future.

so we thank you in advance for your patience 

Keeping solar cleaning safe
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