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we have an ethic that we pay the same attention to detail whether we are working for the mayoral mansion or the smallest pensioner unit so please consider what we call important

When performing residential window cleaning we believe your home is important by:

we take off our shoes when entering your home and we wear gloves

asking permission when entering parts of your home

on each new premises, we use freshly laundered towels and fresh water in the bucket

We pride ourselves in our quality work, as on all jobs we always do the following tasks:-

clean the glass to the edges

Clean both inside and outside

clean the frames

Brush/wipe the fly screens

Wipe the tracks

Remove windows/screens as necessary to clean both sides of the glass

Relocate furnishings and reach around gardens to get access to hard to reach glass. 

We can do window cleaning at most homes in toowoomba
Advancement through technology in window cleaning

We use many methods to clean your windows

Residential window cleaning can present many challenges

we at a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning have many ways to look after your needs including

Pressure clean- for inaccessible windows due to being locked behind security screens when no other access is available, also effective for flyscreens

We can deliver TerryFic value by:-

specializing in window and solar cleaning (not having expensive/unrelated equipment idle)

using our "total cleaning system '18 which uses efficient wagtail and water-fed equipment

perfecting the art of window cleaning since 2008

lower advertising expenses

Terryfic service, terryfic value in window cleaning in toowoomba

For the complete clean we can do for a slight premium

Pressure clean screens

Deep clean tracks

cafe blinds

enjoy the great outdoors with clean cafe blinds

weather guarentee

wet weather disclaimer

find out what we can do on a rainy day

multi-story windows

we are utilizing the latest technology to effectively reach up to 4 story's

smart glass

only a1 Terryfic solar and window cleaning have the Australian-made professional wagtail squeegee designed to clean smart glass/Low-E glass prevalent in many shops and houses in our region.

house washing

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