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Rain (Remastered)
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during peak seasons when it rains we may need to continue working so we can keep our schedule. 

some times this involves getting the inside windows done on the scheduled day.

on some occasions we be able to look after the out side with the water-fed system,

but on other occasions we may need to return a few days later.

rain guarantee 

if we do need to continue the outside in the rain, there is very little chance for the rain to effect the clean windows, generally if there is any effect it may be runs from the walls above. In this situation we will return in the days ahead.

summer solar

for solar cleaning in the summer we may defer some solar jobs due to the health and safety of our operators due to the heat.

in this season we only solar clean at either end of the day.

with solar most people get this work done 6 monthly or annually and we would like to get the routine so we can look after our health and safety first so we can then look after your needs into the future.

so we thank you in advance for your patience