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solar & window cleaning 

cleaning your solar system since 2010 - 
perfecting the art of window cleaning  since 2008-
terryfic service, terryfic value 



We want to be able go home safely after work, we also believe that your property is left in a better state than we left it so we have adopted many safety procedures

  • we have limited our ladder access to a certain height
  • we use only structural ladders
  • when using a ladder we maintain 3 points of contact

    • in public we keep our equipment as close to the job as possible to avoid tripping hazards
    • we keep an absorbent towel to wipe drips
    • if using waterfed in public we keep it out of business ours

      • we use waterfed Longreach poles  to avoid the use of ladders 

  • we are covered for public liabitity for au$20 million 
  • we are also covered for injuries to our personel
please contact us if you wish to access of certificate of currency