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solar & window cleaning 

cleaning your solar system since 2010 - 
perfecting the art of window cleaning  since 2008-
terryfic service, terryfic value 

Payment options


cash is always the preferred payment option

Internet transfer and bank deposit
if you are at a fixed address we can set you up with a short term account with which you can transfer the money, or if you are visiting a heritage bank you can deposit into our bank account
if you are moving we will only accept an instant transfer, which are now becoming available through all Australian banking institutions.
Pay-Id & osko payment- coming soon 
while we wait for support from our bank you will soon be able to pay without needing our account and bsb numbers


we accept cheques  from all fixed address jobs

we may not accept cheques for bond/move out cleaning 

we do not accept

Ponzi-like transfer schemes

like batercard or crypto-currency like bitcoin