once upon a time cleaning windows above the second floor was a dangerous and expensive proposition.

Then in 2010 we went to look at the world (via www.) to see what can be done about this.

What we discovered was that due to laws in the UK and EU had tightened on multi-story window cleaning, thus giving birth the waterfed pole and subsequent water treatment.

In 2017 we have totally revamped our waterfed system.

Please find out about terryfic clearview 3.1

Thus we have been using a water fed carbon-fiber pole since 2010

We have poles that can reach over 35 foot or 10.5 meters which can reach windows on most 4 story buildings.

only a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning can clean your 4th story windows in toowoomba

we have solutions for some of the most tricky windows in town