We generally use a group of quality products we trust. We will also try to accommodate your requests to use your supplied products

we go through a rigorous process to chose our chemicals, which include

  1. safe for your family
  2. safe for your property
  3. safe for the environment
  4. effectiveness
  5. value for money to keep over heads low

Queensland law states that we be able to produce MSDS (material safety data sheets). But we being a paperless business ( and we are not always using a motor vehicle-we sometimes use zero emmisions transport) and believe you should know what we are using , We have made the unprecedented step of producing MSDS the on our website for easy access for us and our customers.

please select one of the below items to find 

insurance coverage

we are fully insured to cover you for $20 million

and we are insured to cover us if we are injured on the job

so you can be rest assured

our safety procedures

We want to be able go home safely after work, we also believe that your property is left in a better state than we left it so we have adopted many safety procedures

  • we have limited our ladder access to a certain height
  • we use only structural ladders
  • when using a ladder we maintain 3 points of contact
  • in public we keep our equipment as close to the job as possible to avoid tripping hazards
  • we keep an absorbent towel to wipe drips
  • if using waterfed in public we keep it out of business ourwe use waterfed Longreach poles to avoid the use of ladders 

specialised application

aquagen MSDS


specialised application

used to disinfect and remove low level surface mould , lichen and moss

chlorine MSDS

specialised application

only used for presoaking and touch-ups

glass cleaner MSDS

specialised application

AMONIA FREE-used for modern sensitive windows

windex white MSDS

specialised application

to remove tough stains mainly used in window applications

metho MSDS

morning fresh

general window cleaning application

an old favorite for professional window cleaners.

still effective

morning fresh msds

general window cleaning application

commercial detergent degreaser, removes greasy marks from windows and kitchens

aquagrease MSDS

general window cleaning application


Softens water to a state that can be used for wash and rinse systems

resin bead MSDS

general commercial cleaning application

used in commercial cleaning for toilets, stored in retail container

toilet duck MSDS

Hard water stain remover

specialised application

we can remove those hard water stains common in the toowoomba region

water stain MSDS

general commercial cleaning application

use to disinfect in commercial cleaning applications

disinfectant MSDS