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solar & window cleaning 

cleaning your solar system since 2010 - 
perfecting the art of window cleaning  since 2008-
terryfic service, terryfic value 

Is your work being done by backyarders?

We have been cleaning windows in this town since 2008, and washing the solar system since 2010.
in this time we have learned many new ways and honed our practices.

on the other side we have seen customers that have been ripped off by fly-by-nighters.
complaints we hear from customers that have dealt with these people include:-

  • lack of quoting
  • over charging
  • poor quality work
  • lack of respect for the property

some people think because you can pick up a squeegee and applicator at bunnings all of a sudden they become a window cleaner, only to have these people disappear from the scene within a year.

we have put together some questions for you to ask your chosen window or solar cleaner so you can have confidence that the window cleaner will be up to the job

whats in the bucket?
  • water
  • dish washing detergent, like morning-fresh, essential when using a squeegee, as it provides sufficient lubrication for rubber. its that simple
  • if not a dishwashing liquid a professional window cleaning product like glass gleam 4
  • we dont use harsh chemicals
  • we dont use vinegar, a common wives tale, vinegar is actually an acid, which neutralizes any effect of the dishwashing detergent, besides do you want your house to stink of vinegar?

Does your contractor know his tools?
we have come to trust the wagtail brand
wagtail are the Australian designed window cleaning tools, initially designed to help preserve the bodies of the user by introducing a pivot to the handle, leading to substantially less cases of RSI and carpletunnel. so as wagtail users we will be around to look after your window and solar cleaning needs for many years ahead.
The current generation of wagtail will save the operator at least 25% in time, thus earning better pay while charging you less!!!

Do you use di water treatment?

DI is the basis for water fed window cleaning, This system has become the premier system for the solar cleaning industry.

water fed has been around for over 10 years and most professional window cleaners have either adopted a water fed system or teamed up with other operators to contract this service.

do you have a plan to look after the customers family and property?

  • the first thing a profesional window cleaner will do is to either remove or cover shoes.
  • does your window cleaner provide a listing an msds of all chemicals being used
  • do the contractor work efficiently so as to avoid splashing and dripping

Are you insured?

most commercial premises require $20M, and all people should employ tradesmen with some form of insurance