a1 TERRYfic Toowoomba's solar & window cleaner - terryfic clearwater
a1TERRYfic - solar and window cleaning
Have you ever seen the rain
The Clearwater system will clean your windows and solar panels
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one of the first users of di in toowoombaTerryfic clearwater 3.1
(4.0 is in development)

is a system that has been redeveloped from the ground up with the following requisites:-
  • lighter weight, better transport
  • better water efficiencies
  • better material efficiencies
  • quicker cleaning process 
  • better cleaning 
using waterfed to do window cleaning in toowoomba
at the heart of the terryfic clearwater 3.1 is the light weight dual chamber resin exchange system which gets the greatest efficiency from the resin.

as we see the from the (over simplified)  adjacent diagrams that the water passes through the resin in the chamber and the ions in the water( the ones that cause staining exchange with the ions in the resin thus causing a clear non staining water that will rinse clean.
wagtail wave yhe new way of window cleaning now in toowoomba
wagtail wave and orbital
now that we have the water end sorted we have invested in the tool end of the pole.
We have found the wagtail wave which is a microfibre attachment
to be:-
  • more water efficient
  • time efficient,

terryfic clearwater 3.1 is ideal for solar panel cleaning
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