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solar cleaning

Are your solar panels wearing sunglasses?
while that may seen to be a bazaar question, the reality is that as i cycle and drive around the Toowoomba region i see hundreds of solar panels not operating to their maximum capacity.  

Doesn't the rain and wind clean the panels? 
While the rain may remove a small amount of dust, the grime that lands on your solar panels includes other pollutants such as diesel soot, animal remains and other elements such as lichen.
have you ever tried to wash your clothes by hanging them on the washing line? they just wont wash, there is work needed, the same is with your solar panels 
We are happy to demonstrate how dirty your panels really are!!!

Home of the au$5 panel
we believe that you have purchased  the panels, so you should reap the financial benefit.All of our customers feel that they get the benefits in the returns on their electricity bills
(prices may vary due to difficulties due to height and slope of roof, conversely solar farms may receive discounts) 
this is the best value solar panel cleaning in toowoomba 
beware of amateurs who charge too much!!! 

Please call us if you have solar farm whether it is a rooftop or a free standing as we can work a quote for your needs

Why A1 TerryFir and window cleaning?
  • we got into solar panel cleaning because we always wanted to be involved in the clean energy!!
  • over 10 in business
  • we have been solar panel cleaning since 2010, effectively bringing solar cleaning to Toowoomba
  • we are involved in the design process for wagtail cleaning tools, which are years ahead of other technologies.
  • we have the reach so we rarely need to be on your roof, thus your tiles are safe
  • lower running cost, thus we appreciate quoting to a price to benefit the purpose of you having solar energy
  • we are rolling out zero emissions thus the ecological benefits are immediate
  • your not paying for franchise fees
  • because we specialize, we dont have idle equipment which others add to their hourly rate

How do we go about solar panel cleaning

The installation varies on most homes in many ways including roof height and pitch. We have poles and other equipment that can clean the panels without even needing to climb on the roof, in all of toowoomba we can do solar cleaning in most situations

Wagtail wave
this is the ultimate solar cleaning tool
  • using waterfed microfibre gets better coverage and clean than the older brushes
  • the multi pivots gets into more places than a straight brush
  • the most water efficient waterfed cleaning tool on the market
  • realy the best tool for a solar cleane

gardener 35 foot pole
we generally can get to your panels from the ground, thus safer for us and your roof

update: terryfic total cleaning system '18 coming soon
while we believe we had the best equipment in 2017,

we have endeavoured to develop the cleaning system to:-

  • be more compact, easier transport, by car or electric bike
  • better clean
  • faster clean
with the help of our suppliers we will be integrating out tool collection to create the total cleaning system '18

the only waterfed system in Toowoomba incorporate an integrated squeegee