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Residential window cleaning

terryfi-quote - Get a quote for the best price
others may say a free quote but the cost is often added into the price
the quote should be to get the best price for your job, so to keep the prices at the right price we have 3 ways of quoting you work.
  • digital:-please take photos of all the windows in your house and sms to 0431911356 or tk.windows@gmail.com at any time
  • (routed)/in person:- we will come at an appointed time  as we follow our route, please be patient as we are trying to keep the prices down
  • morning of job- after giving an estimate on the phone we will quote your home prior to starting work   

by using the above digital/routed/morning quotation we dont need to charge you for unnecessary travel costs. 
thus making residential window cleaning more affordable 
We pride ourselves in our quality work, as on all jobs we always do the following tasks:-
  • clean the glass to the edges
  • Clean both inside and outside
  • clean the frames
  • Brush/wipe the fly screens
  • Wipe the tracks 
  • Remove windows/screens as necessary to clean both sides of the glass 
  • Relocate furnishings and reach around gardens to get access to hard to reach glass. 

We can deliver TerryFic value by:-
  • specialising in window and solar cleaning, and not having expensive equipment idle
  • digital/routed quoting
  • routed commercial route
  • using efficient wagtail equipment
  • lower advertising costs
  • over 8 years of experience

We use many methods to clean your windows
really nice windows in toowoomba
  • Residential window cleaning can present many challenges
  • we at a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning have many ways to look after your needs including 
  • Pressure clean- for inaccessible windows due to being locked behind security screens when no other access is available, also effective for flyscreens

For the complete clean we can do for a slight premium
  • Pressure clean screens
  • Deep clean tracks

When performing residential window cleaning we believe your home is important by:-
  • we take off our shoes when entering your home
  • asking permission when entering parts of your home
  • on each new premises we use freshly laundered  towels

what is required of you?
while we deliver the full service and hate fine print we ask that you
  • check that the windows are closed  especially if we are using the superior waterfed system 

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